Wedding Decoration: Tips and Advice

Apr 13, 2021 | decoration


Are you preparing for your wedding, but you find it challenging to find the appropriate decoration. Well, hang on! We’ve got what you need below.



Here’s What You Need to Know


Hang String Lights

Whichever theme you’re choosing for your decoration, you need not forget about the hanging string lights. Primarily, you need to consider hanging warm lights.

Simplicity is Beautiful

When choosing a decoration, ensure that it remains simple. You need to avoid adding or merging different themes since the result will be chaotic.

A Must-Have Outdoor Lounge Area

It’s advisable to set up a cozy outdoor lounge for your guests. And yes, do not forget the ashtray, since this is the place where many of your guests will go for a smoke.

Rent a Specific Colored Kitchenware

You can consider renting any specific colored kitchenware instead of using cheap plastic or paper kitchenware. For example, if your theme color is pale blue, you can consider renting blue glasses as this will lighten up your decoration and look beautiful on your guests’ table.

Add Large Light-Colored Drapes from Ceilings to Floor

Whichever theme you decide for your wedding decoration, you need to consider adding large drapes. It’s advisable to seek professional help for this task as you will need to add the drapes from the ceilings and let them flow down to the floor.

It’s highly recommended to use light or pastel-colored drapes such as light blue, pastel pink, or white.

Don’t Forget About the Balloon Arch.

People do not only place balloon arches on a birthday but also at weddings. Balloon arches will give the vibe of celebrating something, and it can also look great when taking pictures.

Nature is the Trend: Add Greeneries

Nowadays, many people are opting for nature-theme. For example, you can include many greeneries in your decoration or on the guest’s table.